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Ear Coning /Candleing

Is an ancient technique of creating a long cone or funnel usually out of cotton muslin, which has been soaked in paraffin or bees wax, and various herbs. This was practiced by ancient civilizations such as, the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Native Americans, and more recently in Europe. The Ear Cone or Candle is about one foot long, and the narrow end fits into the ear of the person lying on their other side. The candle is lit at the far end, the heat of which creates a “chimney effect,” which cause the hot air to rise, and thus creates a vacuum with the ear. This is sufficient to lift out any fungus, yeast infection, wax, bacteria, or the sloughed off cells that accumulate within the ear canal and Eustachian Tube. This healing art is extremely profound, for it is reputed to initiate a healing process that continues for several days after the coning. This can alleviate allergies, sinus conditions, hearing loss, earaches, tinitus and balance problems. The process also helps to balance cranial fluids, and drain the lymphatic system. Please note that it is recommended that a trained practitioner should carry out this process for you, or at least learn the technique.

Energy Balancing

Is the art and practice of realigning, balancing, and re-attuning the body’s electro-magnetic energy field, in relation with the subtle bodies. Everything in creation is energy, and we, as energy, relate to it harmoniously or inharmoniously depending upon the degree to which we are in a balanced state of harmony within ourselves. It is preferable to “flow” with these energies and enjoy the state of “synchronicity” described by Carl Jung.

Energy Field Work

An energy based approach to healing that may involve the laying on of hands used to influence the human energy system.

Enzyme Therapy

A form of therapy that employs supplements of plant and animal enzymes to improve digestive function and other conditions. During digestion, the body’s own digestive enzymes are not the only ones at work; the enzymes present in raw fruits and vegetables also contribute to the breakdown of food in the stomach. Enzyme therapy advocates supplementation to reduce the work that the body has to do, and because plant enzymes are destroyed in cooking. Since enzymes can’t be synthetically manufactured, supplements are derived from plants or from animal tissues. Some practitioners inject liquid enzymes to treat cancer and multiple sclerosis. Enzyme supplements are available over the counter, singly or in combination, in capsule, tablet, powder, and liquid form.

Equine Massage

Equine Massage is professional sports massage therapy for horses. These massage techniques are used to increase performance levels and endurance by allowing the horse to compete at its full potential. They increase circulation, enhance muscle tone, relax muscle spasms, and increase range of motion. Helping to prevent injury, equine massage calms the horse and improves the rate of recovery should an injury occur.

Eslan Massage

Developed at the Eslan Institute in Big Sur, California. A very relaxing full body technique that is taught on a popular video published by the Eslan Institute.