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F - Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapies

Feldenkrais Method (Awareness thru movement)

The Feldenkrais practitioner helps to change habitual holding patterns in the patient's body. And re-educate people to become aware of how they move and how they could move differently, in order to reduce stress to muscles, joints and ligaments. The effects of Feldenkrais often include a deep physical and mental relaxation, a new awareness of the body and the ways in which it can move, and the lessening of chronic and acute musculo-skeletal aches and pains.

Feng Shui

Pronounced Fung Schway, is also known as Geomancy, is the art of placement. The meaning of which, is literally, “wind and water.” It was studied and developed in China about 4,000 years ago. Everything in creation is “energy.” The natural elements have their own electro-magnetic energy field, just like humans do. These magnetic fields interact with each other, and with awareness we can harmonize them, and in this harmony everything can serve its purpose for the highest good of the individual and the whole. Natural elements and electromagnetic energies do affect the quality of people's lives. The ancient Chinese learned how to live in harmony with these forces in order to maximize their health, wealth and harmonious relationships. This art form is used to locate the most suitable site for a new building, to make simple interior adjustments and major architectural choices for homes and places of business. An office with improved Feng Shui can help increase internal and external harmony, productivity and income, more harmonious relationships, resolve conflicts and help one feel more energized in life.


Is experienced in a flotation tank, which is a specially designed chamber containing sufficient salt-saturated water to enable one to float. In this sate of suspension one can free the mind from outside stimuli by creating a relaxed and unencumbered state. The participant lies in the super-saturated-salty water, which has tremendous buoyancy, and by absorbing the force of gravity; one floats effortlessly, thus allowing the mind and body to release tension. Floating weightlessly in a sound and lightproof environment can be a unique and liberating experience relieving stress and enhancing the ability to concentrate.

Flower Essences

Essences that are intended to alleviate negative emotional states that may contribute to illness or hinder personal growth. Drops of a solution infused with the captured essence of a flower are placed under the tongue or in a beverage. The appropriate essences are chosen, focusing on the clients emotional state rather than on a particular physical condition.