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H - Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapies

Haelan Therapy

It recognizes that people who are in great pain are often unable to focus on the need to integrate body, mind and spirit. It combines therapeutic touch, psychotherapy, and counseling. Developed by Janet F. Quinn, Ph.D, R.N., a practitioner of therapeutic touch and holotropic breathwork, Haelan work attempts to assist people with physical illness to participate in their healing from a more holistic perspective.

Hakomi Therapy

It is a system of body-centered psychotherapy that is based on the principles of mindfulness, nonviolence, and the unity of mind and body. Developed by therapist Ron Kurtz in the mid-1970s, Hakomi uses the tools of touch, massage, energy work, movement education, and body-mind awareness. By helping the client follow bodily tensions, feelings, and sensations, it leads to an awareness of the unconscious beliefs and attitudes that drive behavior and limit responses.

Hands On Healing

Is probably one of the oldest forms of healing methods, as it results from the natural tendency to touch someone in pain or sickness. We may understand its efficacy being derived from the innate ability for anyone to act as a “bridge” for healing energy from universal source to reach the afflicted person. In reality there are no external healers, as we all apply various modalities to enable the injured or afflicted to heal themselves. Touch is nurturing, and which is a powerful means for the recipient to receive universal love sufficiently for them to heal. The Healing Touch assists to balance the energies, including the Chakras.

Healing Crisis

A common experience of those who use homeopathic medicines to treat chronic conditions and some acute illnesses in which some more external symptoms usually get worse in the process of cure.

Healing Touch

A technique practiced by registered nurses and others to accelerate wound healing, relieve pain, promote relaxation, prevent illness and ease the dying process. The practitioner uses light touch or works with his or her hands near the client’s body in an effort to restore balance to the client’s energy system.


It was developed by Joseph Heller, the first president of the Rolf Institute. Hellerwork follows up on the principles of Rolfing, with more emphasis on client/practitioner dialogue. He believed that in order to maintain alignment and mobility, clients need not only bodywork to release patterns of stress, but movement exercises designed to eliminate their bad habits and to learn how to stand, walk, sit and move with greater flexibility and ease. The goal is not only to produce physical results but also to empower clients to grow and experience more freedom and energy in their lives. Rated Deep.

Hemme Approach

Developed in 1986 by Dave Leflet, Hemme stands for history, evaluation, modalities, manipulation, and exercise. The principles in the Hemme Approach are taken from physical medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, and physical therapy.

Herbalism / Herbology

Herbs have provided humans with medicine from the earliest beginning of civilization. An herb can be a leaf, a flower, a stem, a seed, root, fruit, bark, or any other plant part used for its medicinal, food flavoring, or fragrant property. Herbal remedies can be used for a wide range of minor ailments, as well as a number of conditions normally treated by prescription medications.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry treats the teeth, jaw, and related structures with special focus on how treatment will affect the entire body. It stresses the use of nontoxic restoration materials for dental work, and focuses on the impact that hidden dental infections and other dental problems can have on overall health.

Holistic Health / Holistic Medicine

Describes the perspective that considers all parts of the body, mind and spirit as a Whole, and is treated as such. Cause and not effect is duly considered the pathway to cure, utilizing non-invasive, and a natural means, which is more inclined to be in harmony with the Whole.

Holographic Technique

Holographic Repatterning, a 6-step process of body/mind healing, acknowledges that our body's typical flight-or-fight response to stress creates non-coherent frequencies in our energy field. When the field is non-coherent, we unconsciously relate to what is life-depleting. Developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, Holographic Repatterning identifies these patterns through kinesiology and transforms them into life-enhancing patterns by means of a variety of modalities based on movement, energy balancing, sound, light, breathing, and many more.


Discovered and developed more than 150 years ago by a German physician named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who became disenchanted with the medical status quo of his time, and sought alternative methods of healing. He discovered that when introducing a medicine, which produced the same symptoms of the illness, the disease disappeared. Thus was born the concept of the Law of Similars, when “like cures like.” Homeopathy utilizes minute doses of natural remedies that are created from herbal, mineral and animal substances. The substance is diluted with a lactose base or similar, and the dilution process is called “trituration.” The potency depends upon the number of times the substance has been triturated, and strange as it may seem, the more it is diluted, the more potent it becomes. Here we can see that the energy of the substance plays a significant role. The more subtle it becomes, the more powerful its effect. Dr. Hahnemann discovered that illness or its symptoms are not to be suppressed, since they represent the body's efforts to repel disease. It has been learned that the suppression of symptoms leads to an exacerbation of the illness, while the rapid and gentle expression of symptoms leads to cure.

Hoshino Therapy

Developed by Tomezo Hoshino in 1952, Hoshino Therapy is an official medical therapy in Argentina. It is a particular form of acupressure recognizing 250 acupuncture pressure points corresponding to the bio-mechanical functioning of the body. In this system, full hand contact is applied as well as the traditional pressure of the first joint of the thumb.

Hot Stone Massage

Developed in the midweast USA for use in health spas, this technique uses stones that have been heated. These stones are positioned on the body and some are gently moved about with light pressure being exerted on the warm stones.

Hydro Therapy

The use of water in any of its three forms (solid, liquid, or gas), whether it used internally or externally, for the treatment of disease of trauma, or for cleansing purposes.


This therapy deliberately creates fever in the patient in order to utilize the natural healing response.

Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

A state in which the practitioner has accessed the subconscious mind in order to address the condition that influences a particular activity or attitude. It may be regarded as a trance-like state, which is artificially produced. This state allows the subject to bypass the limitations of dealing with and healing anything which has been suppressed, repressed, and in many situations, unresolved elements from previous lives (past life recall). The subject is susceptible to suggestions by the practitioner, to help the subject heal, even the most traumatic of conditions.