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Means union, or the yoking together of body and spirit. It is one of the more ancient methods of healing and of raising consciousness. It is a powerful tool to attain illumination, and like India herself (from whence this comes), there are many levels of expression. Yoga is a general term for many different types of practices. The West is already familiar with Hatha Yoga, the practice of physical postures. However, there are more: Kriya Yoga includes breathing techniques, Tantric Yoga recognizes and aligns with the sexual energy, in the most profound awareness that sexual and spiritual are one, Bhatkti Yoga accentuates the path of devotion, Raja Yoga or the Royal Path, Kundalini Yoga also uses breathing techniques, and is concerned with the sacred energy of the spine, and so on. In each one, there is a profound technique of ancient knowledge, which can help you find what you are seeking on your life path.